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Imagine for ainsleyallan06 (Ainsley)

Imagine you just arrived back in London after visiting you parents in Bradford. You still have one day left of winter break before you have to return to university so you call your best friend, Zayn. Luckily, today is one of his few days off. You haven’t seen much of him since you started attending the university and he started his musical career, touring around the world in one of the most popular boy bands. You miss just hanging out with him so he picks you up and takes you to the studio to show you something he’s been working on. He picks up a guitar and sings “Last First Kiss”, looking at you the entire time. You’re in shock when the song is over because you’ve been best friends with him for years and had no idea he had these feelings for you. He puts the guitar down, walks over to you, takes your hands and says, “Ainsley, I’ve been in love with you since the day I met you. I know it’s going to be hard with you going to university and me starting to tour again soon, but I promise that if you give me a chance, I’ll do my best to give you everything you deserve.” You kiss and have loved him every day since.

Imagine for Anon

Imagine Niall and Liam doing a twitcam together while they were away on tour. You watch the twitcam while finishing the homework you had. Niall mentions you a couple times during the twitcam, telling the fans how much he misses you and can’t wait to get home. The fans start tweeting you and asking you questions about Niall so you decided to just start answering as many as you can. You and Niall also start tweeting each other. When Niall says he has to go, you quickly tweet him say “I LOVE YOU, BABY!” Instead of tweeting you back, he says “I love you too (Y/N)!”, and being his silly self he points to his actual eye, on his twitcam so the whole world can see it.

Imagine for stjoedirectioner15 (Ashlee)

Imagine that it is the first time you have ever flown out to visit Niall on tour. You guys are hanging out on the tour bus, sharing a can of Pringals, as they’re being driven to the next city. Liam is doing a twitcam and wanders into the back of the bus with his laptop and says, “And here is Niall and his girlfriend! Niall finally has a girlfriend!” Niall throws a nearby at him and says, “Oh, shut up, Liam!” Liam ignores him and says, “Say hi to the fans, Ashlee!” You give the laptop a small smile and wave before turning your attention back to Niall. You steal the last Pringal right out of his hand and pop it into your mouth. Niall just chuckles and kisses your forehead as he says, “You’re so lucky you’ve got me whipped…”

Imagine for onedirectionimaginesilove1d (Lauren)

You and Harry haven’t seen a lot of each other since he had been at the studio recording their new album, then traveling to Africa and Japan. They were finally back from Japan but they were back at the studio again, at least that what Harry said. You were going to surprise him and go to the studio and meet him at the studio with lunch from his favorite restaurant. When you got to the studio, they weren’t there. You went home and wait for Harry to come back. When he got home, you asked where he had been all day, knowing he hadn’t been at the studio. “Harry, I know you weren’t at the studio today. I went there and nobody was there.” You said, getting mad. “Lauren, I need you to trust me.” Harry said. “How can I trust you when you lied to me, Harry? I need to go for a walk.” You walked out of the house to clear your head. When you got back, there were many cars in the driveway. You walked inside and everyone screamed “SURPRISE!” Harry had planned an early surprise birthday party for you. After greeting everyone, you walked over to Harry. He was dressed up, evening wearing a bowtie because he knows you love it. You leaned your head on his shoulder. “I’m sorry” he said. “No, I overreacted.” You said. “You’ve still got me, you know.” He spoke softly, “You’ll always have me. Because you know, I do love you.”

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